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Claire 3074338d79
Merge branch 'main' into glitch-soc/merge-upstream
2 months ago
blacklisted_email_validator.rb Change e-mail domain blocks to block IPs dynamically (#17635) 1 year ago
disallowed_hashtags_validator.rb Change admin UI for hashtags and add back whitelisted trends (#11490) 4 years ago
domain_validator.rb Fix uncaught domain normalization error in remote follow (#11703) 4 years ago
ed25519_key_validator.rb Add E2EE API (#13820) 3 years ago
ed25519_signature_validator.rb Add E2EE API (#13820) 3 years ago
email_mx_validator.rb Fix email with empty domain name labels passing validation (#23246) 2 months ago
existing_username_validator.rb Fix remote account in contact account setting not being used (#19351) 5 months ago
follow_limit_validator.rb Fix follow limit validator reporting lower number past threshold (#9230) 4 years ago
html_validator.rb Optimize some regex matching (#15528) 2 years ago
import_validator.rb Fix error when uploading malformed CSV import (#19509) 5 months ago
language_validator.rb Add ability to filter followed accounts' posts by language (#19095) 6 months ago
note_length_validator.rb Fix URL scanning in note length validator and preview card fetching (#15827) 2 years ago
poll_validator.rb Support customizing poll option limits 2 years ago
reaction_validator.rb Minor memory optimizations (#16507) 1 year ago
registration_form_time_validator.rb Add honeypot fields and minimum fill-out time for sign-up form (#15276) 2 years ago
status_length_validator.rb Merge branch 'main' into glitch-soc/merge-upstream 12 months ago
status_pin_validator.rb Various code cleanup (#1782) 10 months ago
unique_username_validator.rb Add `details` to error response for `POST /api/v1/accounts` in REST API (#15803) 2 years ago
unreserved_username_validator.rb Add `details` to error response for `POST /api/v1/accounts` in REST API (#15803) 2 years ago
url_validator.rb Strip spaces around URL when adding a relay (#22655) 3 months ago
vote_validator.rb Fix invalid votes from the API being accepted (#12601) 3 years ago