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# This file contains default values, and does not need to be edited. All
# important settings can be changed from the admin interface.
defaults: &defaults
site_title: 'Mastodon Glitch Edition'
site_short_description: ''
site_description: ''
site_extended_description: ''
site_terms: ''
site_contact_username: ''
site_contact_email: ''
registrations_mode: 'open'
profile_directory: true
closed_registrations_message: ''
open_deletion: true
timeline_preview: false
min_invite_role: 'admin'
show_staff_badge: true
default_sensitive: false
unfollow_modal: false
boost_modal: false
favourite_modal: false
delete_modal: true
auto_play_gif: false
display_media: 'default'
expand_spoilers: false
preview_sensitive_media: false
reduce_motion: false
disable_swiping: false
show_application: false
system_font_ui: false
system_emoji_font: false
noindex: false
hide_followers_count: false
flavour: 'glitch'
skin: 'default'
aggregate_reblogs: true
advanced_layout: false
use_blurhash: true
use_pending_items: false
trends: true
trendable_by_default: false
trending_status_cw: true
crop_images: true
follow: true
reblog: false
favourite: false
mention: true
follow_request: true
digest: true
report: true
pending_account: true
trending_tag: true
trending_link: false
trending_status: false
appeal: true
always_send_emails: false
must_be_follower: false
must_be_following: false
must_be_following_dm: false
- admin
- support
- help
- root
- webmaster
- administrator
- mod
- moderator
disallowed_hashtags: # space separated string or list of hashtags without the hash
bootstrap_timeline_accounts: ''
activity_api_enabled: true
peers_api_enabled: true
show_known_fediverse_at_about_page: true
show_reblogs_in_public_timelines: false
show_replies_in_public_timelines: false
default_content_type: 'text/plain'
show_domain_blocks: 'disabled'
show_domain_blocks_rationale: 'disabled'
outgoing_spoilers: ''
require_invite_text: false
captcha_enabled: false
<<: *defaults
<<: *defaults
<<: *defaults