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# Define an application-wide content security policy
# For further information see the following documentation
base_host = Rails.configuration.x.web_domain
assets_host = Rails.configuration.action_controller.asset_host
assets_host ||= "http#{Rails.configuration.x.use_https ? 's' : ''}://#{base_host}"
Rails.application.config.content_security_policy do |p|
p.base_uri :none
p.default_src :none
p.frame_ancestors :none
p.font_src :self, assets_host
p.img_src :self, :https, :data, :blob, assets_host
p.style_src :self, :unsafe_inline, assets_host
p.media_src :self, :https, :data, assets_host
p.frame_src :self, :https
p.manifest_src :self, assets_host
if Rails.env.development?
webpacker_urls = %w(ws http).map { |protocol| "#{protocol}#{Webpacker.dev_server.https? ? 's' : ''}://#{Webpacker.dev_server.host_with_port}" }
p.connect_src :self, :data, :blob, assets_host, Rails.configuration.x.streaming_api_base_url, *webpacker_urls
p.script_src :self, :blob, :unsafe_inline, :unsafe_eval, assets_host
p.connect_src :self, :data, :blob, assets_host, Rails.configuration.x.streaming_api_base_url
p.script_src :self, :blob, assets_host
# Report CSP violations to a specified URI
# For further information see the following documentation:
# Rails.application.config.content_security_policy_report_only = true