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# SPDX-License-Identifier: AGPL-3.0-only
import re
import random
import asyncio
import contextvars
from aiohttp import web
from typing import Dict
class ContextVar:
contextvars.ContextVar, but you can call the var to get its value, rather than calling var.get()
__slots__ = frozenset({'_var'})
def __init__(self, *a, **kw): self._var = contextvars.ContextVar(*a, **kw)
def __call__(self, *args): return self._var.get(*args) # convenience
def get(self, *args): return self._var.get(*args)
def set(self, *args): return self._var.set(*args)
def reset(self, *args): return self._var.reset(*args)
class MultiReplacer:
__slots__ = frozenset({'replacements', '_pattern'})
def __init__(self, replacements: Dict[bytes, bytes]): # TODO support AnyStr
self.replacements = replacements
self._pattern = re.compile(b'(?:%b)' % b'|'.join(map(re.escape, self.replacements)))
def replace(self, s):
return self._pattern.sub(self._replacement, s)
def _replacement(self, match):
return self.replacements[match[0]]
def build_dprint_factory(debug: bool):
if debug:
def dprint_factory():
# 8 byte pseudo-random request tag
req_id = ''.join(random.choices('0123456789abcdef', k=8 * 2))
def dprint(*args, **kwargs): print(f'[{req_id}]', *args, **kwargs)
return dprint
def dprint(*args, **kwargs): return None
def dprint_factory(): return dprint
return dprint_factory
def make_unlimited_request(*args):
return web.BaseRequest(*args, loop=asyncio.get_running_loop(), client_max_size=None)