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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# SPDX-License-Identifier: AGPL-3.0-only
import re
import anyio
import pleroma
import contextlib
from third_party import utils
def parse_args():
return utils.arg_parser_factory(description='Reply service. Leave running in the background.').parse_args()
class ReplyBot:
def __init__(self, cfg):
self.cfg = cfg
self.pleroma = pleroma.Pleroma(access_token=cfg['access_token'], api_base_url=cfg['site'])
async def run(self):
async with self.pleroma as self.pleroma: = (await['id']
self.follows = frozenset(user['id'] for user in await self.pleroma.following(
async for notification in self.pleroma.stream_mentions():
await self.process_notification(notification)
async def process_notification(self, notification, retry_count=0):
acct = "@" + notification['account']['acct'] # get the account's @
post_id = notification['status']['id']
# catch HTTP 500 and backoff on requests
retry_count = retry_count + 1
context = await self.pleroma.status_context(post_id)
except pleroma.BadResponse as exc:
if retry_count < 3:
await anyio.sleep(2**retry_count)
await self.process_notification(notification, retry_count)
# failed too many times in a row, logging
print(f"Received HTTP 500 {retry_count} times in a row, aborting reply attempt.")
# check if we've already been participating in this thread
if self.check_thread_length(context):
content = self.extract_toot(notification['status']['content'])
if content in {'pin', 'unpin'}:
await self.process_command(context, notification, content)
await self.reply(notification)
def check_thread_length(self, context) -> bool:
"""return whether the thread is too long to reply to"""
posts = 0
for post in context['ancestors']:
if post['account']['id'] ==
posts += 1
if posts >= self.cfg['max_thread_length']:
return True
return False
async def process_command(self, context, notification, command):
post_id = notification['status']['id']
if notification['account']['id'] not in self.follows: # this user is unauthorized
await self.pleroma.react(post_id, '')
# find the post the user is talking about
for post in context['ancestors']:
if post['id'] == notification['status']['in_reply_to_id']:
target_post_id = post['id']
await ( if command == 'pin' else self.pleroma.unpin)(target_post_id)
except pleroma.BadRequest as exc:
async with anyio.create_task_group() as tg:
tg.start_soon(self.pleroma.react, post_id, '')
tg.start_soon(self.pleroma.reply, notification['status'], 'Error: ' + exc.args[0])
await self.pleroma.react(post_id, '')
async def reply(self, notification):
toot = await utils.make_post(self.cfg) # generate a toot
await self.pleroma.reply(notification['status'], toot, cw=self.cfg['cw'])
def extract_toot(toot):
text = utils.extract_post_content(toot)
text = re.sub(r"^@\S+\s", r"", text) # remove the initial mention
text = text.lower() # treat text as lowercase for easier keyword matching (if this bot uses it)
return text
async def amain():
args = parse_args()
cfg = utils.load_config(args.cfg)
await ReplyBot(cfg).run()
if __name__ == '__main__':
with contextlib.suppress(KeyboardInterrupt):