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# SPDX-License-Identifier: AGPL-3.0-only
import sys
import anyio
import aiohttp
import platform
import contextlib
from functools import wraps
def http_session_factory(headers={}, **kwargs):
user_agent = (
'pleroma-ebooks (; '
f'aiohttp/{aiohttp.__version__}; '
return aiohttp.ClientSession(
headers={'User-Agent': user_agent, **headers},
def as_corofunc(f):
async def wrapped(*args, **kwargs):
# can't decide if i want an `anyio.sleep(0)` here.
return f(*args, **kwargs)
return wrapped
def as_async_cm(cls):
@wraps(cls, updated=()) # cls.__dict__ doesn't support .update()
class wrapped(cls, contextlib.AbstractAsyncContextManager):
__aenter__ = as_corofunc(cls.__enter__)
__aexit__ = as_corofunc(cls.__exit__)
return wrapped
suppress = as_async_cm(contextlib.suppress)
def shield(f):
async def shielded(*args, **kwargs):
with anyio.CancelScope(shield=True):
return await f(*args, **kwargs)
return shielded
def removeprefix(s, prefix):
return s.removeprefix(prefix)
except AttributeError:
# compatibility for pre-3.9
return s[len(prefix):] if s.startswith(prefix) else s