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Mastodon Freak U Edition

This is a fork of glitch-soc with some minor changes. It is currently deployed on Freak University. You probably don't want to run this fork, but it's provided here for transparency and compliance with the AGPLv3 license.


  • Replying to pending account emails replies to the person applying
  • The /api/v1/custom_emojis endpoint includes unlisted emojis
  • The links to the source code support Gitea rather than GitHub
  • The HSTS and Clacks Overhead headers can be customized via environment variables
  • Setting LOCAL_HTTPS to false always has an effect, even in production (useful for darknet instances)
  • WebP has been brought back. Animated WebPs posted/uploaded locally still get converted to static WebPs though.
  • User IPs are anonymized
  • Any permission can be granted to the default role
  • Quote Retweets, copied from the Treehouse Mastodon fork