Collection of simple tools for doing cool things with fedi
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Collection of simple tools to add functionality to the fediverse


All these tools are designed to run in the same directory in order to prevent generating multiple access tokens. Installation is simple, download master branch as zip, extract into a folder of your choice, then, in that directory, run:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Note: These programs were written and tested in python 3.8


All the programs are created with a built in help command, simply run [script] -h

fedisearch is a tool that allows you to search through a users profile for a specific keyword or phrase.


  • Very slow. Takes longer the the older a post is
  • Does not currently support regular expressions

A simple script to automatically deny follow requests that do not pass certain tests. Those tests are:

  1. The user has more than 1 post (configurable)
  2. The user has a pfp other than the default one their instance assigns.
  3. The user has text within their bio

It will not deny a follow request if you are following the user

You can also specify instances to block all follow requests from